From Kaiserslautern Vogelweh (K-Town):

Take "B 270" heading towards Pirmasens. After the Waldfischbach exit follow B 270 for about 2 miles. You will see a "PFALZWERKE" Power Substation to your left just before you get to the Streetlight.
Inside the Grounds of the Substation is my shop!.
Go up the Driveway and make 2 left turns.
There is a doorbell to the right. Use it if the door is closed.

From Landstuhl (Autobahn A62):

Take A 62 towards Pirmasens, after you pass the Bridge (yes, the BIG ONE ) swing right to take the "Waldfischbach" exit. Stay on the main road until you get to the Streetlight. That`s the intersection of B 270. Across the intersection is the Power Substation! Make a left at the light and after 300 ft. turn right into the grounds of the Substation. Up the driveway , two left turns, and you are right in front of "THE GHETTO".

The Front Gate will be closed after business hours, so make sure you call ahead if you plan to stop by after 18.00 hrs.
There is a Doorbell on the right side of the Entrancegate. Just push that and you`ll be forwarded to my cellphone.

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